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    Nice job, you have rescued a Helix from the dump. I have also done it. Cheers.
    The only thing I would have done differently is the cheap tools. Buy quality and buy once.


    ..just like many meditate for hours per day, many pray for hours per day.. it is not an uncommon endeavour in the worlds of Catholicism praying and Eastern practices meditating.. I’ve done both.


    A little bit of misunderstanding here. I said every 2 days, not only two days. So its basically 4 times a week. Alrighty then, ill do that. Thank you for your time.


    yep 7,000-20,000 is a bit out of my range. Looks like I will have to give it a go. I got a friend who is a electrician and Ill see if he can lend a hand.


    u should take one week off to let ur body rest and hey there i take one week off to let my body grow and rest. if u stay in the gym everyday, ur body will begin to not grow and ull feel tired everyday. so yet please take a week off and ull see ur body grow and ull be more rested.


    Hello there,
    Ive been working out every two days for past 4 months 2 body parts per training.
    Recently Ive decided to start going to the gym everyday each body part each day. Im feeling great, but my friend told me, i should have at least one of break in a week. Is this true? Or does it depend on my training program? Thanks.


    depends on what your goals are and your drug protocol. i dont do any special pre and post workout meal.
    i just eat every 3 hours from the time i wake up and stick my training in between whatever two meals i want.


    Ive been sticking to IF dieting the past 6 weeks and have decided that as long as I hit my macros for the day it doesnt really matter much when I eat, within my 8 hour allowance. Ive gone in completely fasted and then pigged out on two big ass meals after my workout and called it good. Ive eaten steadily up to my gym time, then had one bigger meal afterwards to hit my macros and called it good.
    There was a study I read once stating that your body can go 24 hours or more on no food without deteriorating the muscles.
    The whole “I have to eat all the time” mentality is hard to break.


    I would like to hear if any of you masters have had success with running only 5 days per week. I have gone through far too many injuries these past years. I am now over 50, and wonder if running 5 days a week with one big workout, one big long run, some other runs mixed in the other three days…then adding a good cross training day like cycling in there. The 7th day either completely off or in the gym…or even another day of cross training. Im about to try anything, but cant get the weekly miles thing out of my head from 20-30 years ago. Seems like it could be a way to stay healthy. But has anyone raced successfully off a system like this?
    Thank you


    Too many people focus on the bullshit “anabolic window”. Yes you need to eat protein sometime after yours workout but 1 hour or 2 hours later isnt that big of a difference if your nutrition earlier in the day is good and you take some kind of carbs or aminos intra workout. When you workout it takes 2-5 days for that muscle group to completely repair, and obviously its not repairing from that one magical meal within 60 minutes of your workout. Your day to day consistent diet will do more for your gains than anything else you can do.


    Quite impressive work Ive been thinking about doing the same, myself once I can get a license. Of course, with this whole Coronavirus going on, thats going to take a while. Still, just gotta save up enough for to make it work


    wonder if anyone can help explain this. Made some Salami and Chorizo 5 weeks ago, left t hang in a cool place, but they have gone rock hard.

    What is the cause?


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