00. overview

About this guide

This quickstart guide walks you through the process accessing ApiDapp functionality from Postman API development environment. We will focus specifically on accessing Rinkeby test network but approaches discussed here are equally applicable to other blockchains supported by ApiDapp.


Create API Key

1. Navigate to the Keys page by clicking "KEYS" menu item
2. Click "Add" button
3. Record the value of the generated unique key


Download and install Postman

1. Download Postman API Development Environment
2. Install Postman on your computer


Download Rinkeby API Collection

Download API collection from https://www.getpostman.com/collections/242af36ed92f10928308 and save on local hard drive


Import downloaded collection into Postman

1. Start Postman
2. Import collection by clicking File → Import → Import File → Choose Files and selecting collection downloaded in previous step of this tutorial


Call API

Click Send button on the Postman screen
Scroll to the response section and check the result. For the 1/block call it will be the most recent mined block

Next steps

Ready for next steps?

Explore other API methods, such as creating accounts, transferring cryptocurrency between accounts, creating and interaction with smart contracts, and others