Dear Customers,
Our primary goal is to help you in development of secure and customizable applications powered by blockchain technology. In addition to number of public blockchains accessible through the ApiDapp REST API, we offer deployment and access to private blockchains as well as Hyperledger Fabric deployments.
In addition to API blockchain connectivity, we offer consulting services that help our customers to build a solid foundation for new blockchain applications and to enable digital blockchain transformation for existing solutions.

Please contact us to learn more about private blockchains and REST access to Hyperledger blockchains.
Select the package that is right for you



Proof of Concept

  • Enables a small team of developers to implement proof-of-concept of blockchain-enabled application in record time
  • Up to API 100 API calls per hour
  • Up to API 3 concurrent API calls
  • Two API Keys


IT Scale

  • Enables production load for single blockchain-enabled application
  • Up to API 600 API calls per hour
  • Up to API 10 concurrent API calls
  • Priority support
  • 12 API Keys


Enterprise Scale

  • Enables production load for multiple blockchain-enabled applications
  • Up to API 20,000 API calls per hour
  • Up to API 100 concurrent API calls
  • Private Etherium-like blockchain
  • Private Hyperledger Fabric blockchain
  • High-priority support
  • 100 API Keys